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Getting Started Tutorial

The Neocortex team compiled the "Hands-on FC-MNIST" example tutorial for you to get started using the Neocortex system. Please read the instructions below to download it and run it in the system. Make sure to first have an account in the system,

Neocortex Open OnDemand

Go to OnDemand, then navigate to Jupyter Notebook and start a job.

Getting the Jupyter Notebook file

Download the Jupyter Notebook file from GitHub using the following link: getting_started.ipynb

You can click the following link to go to GitHub, then click the "raw" button to see the actual contents, for then downloading the file using the site URL and the wget command while in a Neocortex system machine. For example

# Make sure to run this wget command inside the Neocortex system as that is where we need the file to be at.