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Research Plan

For the research plan. Please use the template below to generate a report and submit it via BOX.

Research Plan Template/Guidelines for Neocortex Projects

Project Title

Include a descriptive title of your project.

Research Team

List the names and affiliations of team members and describe their expected contributions.

Updated Project Description

Provide a brief overview of the project, including its objectives, scientific merit, and potential impact if any of it has changed since the version shared in your original proposal. If the project description you provided in your proposal remains, please indicate that is the case.

Project Timeline

Create a timeline outlining the project's main phases, milestones, objectives, and target dates for each. Specify the start and expected conclusion dates of any phase and of the project. Indicate which members of your team will be responsible for each part.

(Optional) Ethical Considerations

Discuss any ethical considerations related to the project, including data privacy, bias, and potential societal impact, if applicable.

Collaboration and Partnerships

List any external organizations, researchers, or institutions you plan to collaborate with during the project, if applicable.

Knowledge Dissemination

Describe how you intend to share the project's findings, such as through publications, presentations, open-source contributions, or public outreach. Please use the following citation when acknowledging the use of computational time on Neocortex:

Buitrago P.A., Nystrom N.A. (2021) Neocortex and Bridges-2: A High Performance AI+HPC
Ecosystem for Science, Discovery, and Societal Good. In: Nesmachnow S., Castro H., Tchernykh A.
(eds) High Performance Computing. CARLA 2020. Communications in Computer and Information
Science, vol 1327. Springer, Cham.

(SDK Only) Work plan

If you are intending to use the Cerebras SDK, please, address the following questions.

  • Q1. What are your programming goals? Show the steps you plan on taking to make progress toward your final application.

  • Q2. What parts of your application are you rewriting in CSL for the wafer? Please include current code or pseudo-code showing this.

  • Q3. What data needs to be transferred between the host and wafer? How often? This request is for the final application, but would be helpful to know at the intermediate stages.

  • Q4. How are you preparing the host code? Are you coupling to existing code or porting something?

  • Q5. What functionality do you require from the SDK? Data types and mathematical functions. Are there required items you don’t see listed in the documentation?