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About the Call For Proposals

The Neocortex Call For Proposals (CFP) is a unique opportunity to gain access to the Neocortex system as well as an opportunity to become more familiar with the innovative Cerebras CS-2 servers and the WSE2. The program is divided in two phases:

  • Phase 0: Users gain access to training and advance activities in preparation for gaining access to Neocortex. Users would also have the opportunity to directly interact with the Neocortex team via checkpoint sessions where questions and/or doubts can be addressed.

  • Phase 1: Users would have access to Neocortex and power their research with its innovative and powerful resources. Users are expected to provide feedback and help inform the next steps of the Neocortex program.

During the CFP the users are expected to advance their research leveraging the Neocortex capabilities and share their experiences to help shape the next phases of the Neocortex program (see Providing Feedback section).